Are you a student looking for some extra money? Or a house wife who wants to earn some money from home? Whatever the reason may be, freelance writing is one of the best ways to earn some money online.

Not only do you have the flexibility to choose the amount of time you work in a day, depending on how well you write, freelance writing can pay as much or even more than a regular job. Here is a list of the 10 best freelance writing sites so you can get started.

1. iWriter

best freelance writing sites

This is one of the best sites whether you are a beginner or a professional writer. You can choose from among the various topics posted by clients. And iWriter allows you to choose how long an article you want to write.

All you need is a little research and concentration and you are good to go. iWriter is the perfect place to start writing articles as you don’t have to bid for projects as this will give you a lot of experience.

If you show your skills as a solid writer you can get special requests from clients, which will result in earning more money.

2. Freelancer

best freelance writing sites

Freelancer is a great site to find writing jobs. It offers you the opportunity to pick a project and start writing. Freelancer offers a more steady source of income as most of the jobs are for more than just a single article.

Some offers can even turn into a regular job. Freelancer offers a few proficiency tests that you can take and indicate to the client how good you are in the required field.

This will further increase your chances of getting selected for a job. Freelancer takes a commission from the amount being paid but the commission is specified up front.

3. Fiverr

Fiverr is akin to a true job market where you have to sell your services. You have to create a gig on fiverr specifying the services you offer, the price and other details. Clients can view the gigs and decide with whom they want to work.

You get paid on completion of the gig and fiverr pays you 80% of what the client pays for the gig. This is similar to freelancer except that in fiverr instead of bidding for projects, you sit back and wait for projects to come to you.

4. UpWork

best freelance writing sites

UPWork is perhaps one of the most popular sites for freelancing. UPWork will offer you a steady stream of work ranging from writing a single article to a whole book.

You can apply for jobs you feel pay appropriately and jobs you know you can deliver. This is by for one of the best known platforms for freelancing – and writing fits right in.

5. ContentMart

best freelance writing sites

ContentMart is one of the most reputable sources to get well-paid freelance writing jobs. They have a rigorous editorial process that ensures that only top quality content is given to the clients.

If writing is your passion and you can deliver truly unique content, then ContentMart is definitely the place for you.

One of the perks of ContentMart, apart from the prices, is that the site doesn’t take any commission for a job. It instead takes 10% commission for withdrawal of funds which is still much less than what other similar sites take.

6. ConstantContent

best freelance writing sites

Constant-Content is a great site to get multiple incomes from the same article. You can write articles on topics requested by clients or just write articles on whichever topic you fancy and put it up for sale.

The site offers three options for selling content: full-rights, unique and usage. When you sell an article under full-rights, the buyer can edit the article and the ownership of the article is completely transferred to the buyer.

If the article is sold under unique, you still hold the ownership of the article, but it can only be sold once. If the article is sold as a usage article, the buyer cannot edit the article and it can be facilitated multiple times to different customers.

This ensures that you get paid multiple times for the same article. But keep in mind that the commission charged by Constant-Content is high at 35% (ouch!).

7. ListVerse

best freelance writing sites

Do you like making lists? If you do, then this one is definitely the choice for you. You can submit a top 10 list in any area that you find interesting and hasn’t already been published on Listverse.

The whole article should have more than 1000 words. Once an article is approved, you get paid $100 for it. The pay is the most attractive part about writing for Listverse.

You can also pitch your idea to Listverse and get approval before you start writing so that you don’t end up wasting your time.

8. TextBroker

best freelance writing sites

Textbroker is a site that not only pays you for writing but also gives you feedback so that you can improve your writing.

The pay in Textbroker varies according to your rating. If you can deliver quality content, then you can be assured of a good payout.

Their application process requires you to submit a sample of writing which is analyzed by Textbroker and this determines your initial rating. As you write more, the ratings submitted by your clients will decide your rating.

9. HireWriters

best freelance writing sites

Hirewriters is a great site where you can offer a variety of services from writing simple 150-word articles to poetry to e-books.

It is very similar to iWriter in terms of the pay per article except that the pay for rewriting articles is lower than the price for writing a whole new article.

10. ProBlogger

best freelance writing sites

ProBlogger is also a job board like freelancer, where most of the jobs are for writing blog posts although other writing jobs are also available.

One of the attractive points about ProBlogger is that they offer webinars by experts on SEO and blogging.

It is a great way to improve your writing and pick up some useful tips along the way. These tips will only help you in your freelance writing career.

In Closing

Freelance writing is a great way to earn money from home and work as per your schedule. It is also a great learning experience as the research you put in while writing will improve your knowledge on a plethora of subjects.

You can fine tune and discover your niche writing style as you write more and more. Hope the above list gets you started on freelance writing.  If you’ve tried any of these sites and want to provide feedback, I would love to hear your thoughts!