Freelancing sometimes may seem a bit daunting — particularly if you’re new to it. It may feel as if you’re starting out on your own, without the backup of a team or company behind, and yes — that can be scary!

But it doesn’t have to be. The beauty of freelancing is that you still have the whole internet at your fingertips. And this means getting involved in the freelancing community. After all, what do freelancers love more than anything in the world? BLOGS!

If you’re looking for help, then one of the best places you can go to are freelancer blogs. Whether you want to be inspired, read some expert advice or learn tricks of the trade — blogs are the answer.We’ve collated the 15 best blogs to follow if you’re a freelancer. Check them out below and see what you think.

1. Freelancers Union

Freelancers Union is a fast-growing organisation representing over 57 million independent workers. They support freelancers (helping with things like healthcare and insurance), have created a huge online community, and their blog is one of the greatest online resources for freelancers.

The Freelancers Union blog contains everything from writing advice to ways to beat stress to updates on tax changes. Posts are mostly written by Freelancers Union members and are useful, relatively short and easy to read.

Sign up here for free.

2. Double Your Freelancing

Double Your Freelancing is a blog run by entrepreneur and freelancer Brennan Dunn. It focuses on helping freelancers and consultants grow their businesses — he writes posts and provides a free weekly newsletter, but if you’re really inclined, you can also buy his courses.

Brennan uses his personal experiences to provide advice to readers on starting a business, project management, finding great clients and more…

Double Your Freelancing’s articles and guides are split into multiple different categories, making it easier to find what you’re looking for. And if you want to learn by listening instead of reading, Brennan Dunn has been on a number of podcasts dotted around the internet. If you want to give them a listen, go to his ‘About’ page and scroll to the bottom.

3. Millo

Another great blog for freelancers is Millo. Run by a team of successful freelancers and entrepreneurs, Millo is a fantastic resource for any freelancer looking to make progress with their creative business.

They’ve got thousands of interesting articles posted on their website now, so they’ve picked out their favourite content and most popular posts that they recommend you to start with.

4. Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo is the founder of MarieTV, life coach, author and motivational speaker, and most importantly, Oprah loves her. Her blog is genuine, dynamic and entertaining — each article comes with an accompanying video and Marie gets interactive by involving her audience with questions and mini tasks. She seems to genuinely want to help people to be creative and follow their passion.

This is a brilliant blog to get into if you want to feel inspired and motivated. Those dreams are without reach!

5. Dribble

If you’re a freelance designer, then you’ll want to check out Dribble. It’s an online community platform for designers and other creatives to share their current projects and work, boost portfolios and get hired.

Their blog is full of beautiful, image-focused and design-led articles, and they post new stuff regularly. Check it out to get inspired, meet other designers and build up your network.

6. The Freelancer

Contently (a content-marketing platform) run their own freelancer blog called — quite simply — The Freelancer.

They run a ‘Resources’ section of their blog full of useful articles and advice from other freeelancers, as well as the opportunity for freelance work through Contently (listed under ‘Gigs’).

And if working from home alone is driving you a bit doolally and you need some light relief, have a read of their ‘Humor’ section for funnies written by like-minded freelancers. My favorite is ‘Inanimate Objects to Talk To When You’re Freelancing From Home, Ranked’.

7. 99U

99U is an information hub and community centre with the aim of providing ‘actionable insights’ to creatives, through the form of support, advice pieces, and compelling interviews.

They have a variety of articles on different topics, as well as a number of powerful talks from successful entrepreneurs and freelancers.

8. Lifehacker

Not necessarily aimed at just freelancers, but Lifehacker is a good general blog for how-to guides, interesting fact posts, and helpful advice for both work and life.

They want to help their reader become more efficient and productive using their life ‘hacks,’ and they’ve got a useful ‘Business Tech’ section for all of your technology needs.

9. ProBlogger

ProBlogger is a blog for bloggers, by bloggers. Darren Rowse started up ProBlogger in 2004 as a way of sharing what he learnt about monetizing blogs with others along the way.

It quickly grew into a centre for learning for the blogging community, and the site now boasts over 8000 articles and tutorials, a podcast, job opportunities and ebooks. Over 300,000 bloggers are a part of the ProBlogger community, and it’s easy to see why — it’s a great resource for anyone want to start up their own blog and make money from it.

10. The Sparkline

The Sparkline is the popular business blog of Fizzle (a online program who offer honest online business training and consulting). Read by over 2 million people, it’s a blog for independent creatives and entrepreneurs.

Weekly blog posts are usually written by the three founders, and they also have a free podcast which is insightful, honest and interesting. Give it a listen here.

11. Hubspot

Hubspot’s blog has all sorts of fascinating reads on it, and some really useful information. Most articles are relatively short, and they’ve also handily separated the blog into three sections; a marketing blog, a sales blog and a service blog.

One of the things I like the most about it is that it gives you the ‘reading time’ in minutes — this is very useful if you’re a busy freelancer!

12. Gary Vee

I would heartily recommend checking out Gary Vee’s personal blog as well as his vlog and various other youtube videos. The guy is an entrepreneurial genius — and I guess the ultimate freelancer in everything he does?

Gary Vee is a straight-talking, engaging writer, and there’s a lot that you can learn as a freelancer from his philosophy and approach to digital marking.

13. Moz

If you’re a freelancer looking to find out more about SEO (search engine optimization) and marketing, then head to Moz.  The Moz team are passionate about all things SEO, and aim to educate people and build a community with their blog — with SEO at the centre.

SEO experts and tech wizards all chip in to offer their advice, whether it’s on conversion rate optimization, advanced SEO tactics or even blogging itself. Relevant blog posts are easy to find as well with their drop down category menu.

14. The Write Life

The Write Life is a blog that I’d definitely recommend to any freelance writer out there. They’ve created a supportive online community of writers, with the sole aim of making writing fun and successful for everyone. The Write Life team want to help writers to ‘create, connect and earn’.

They’ve got a ‘freelancing’ category too, which is aimed at freelance writers in particular — it has tons of advice, guidance and inspiration to help you navigate the difficulties of freelancing.

15. One Woman Shop

One Woman Shop is a blog and resource hub for female solopreneurs and freelancers.

They’re another blog that wants to take the loneliness out of freelancing, and creative a community of freelancing women who can support and inspire each other. The One Woman Shop blog posts contain all sorts of useful tools and advice from one women to the next.

What did you think of my list? Any that you’d add that have really had an impact on you? I’m open to suggestions! Write to me in the comments below.