Being a digital nomad has never been easier. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection, and you can work virtually anywhere in the world. So with the planet at your fingertips, where are the best places to work as a digital nomad?

Seoul, South Korea

South Korea’s capital is a great place to work if you’re tired of the beaches and need a little city vibrancy back in your life. With fast internet connections, excellent public transport, and plenty of late-night bars for you to work in, it’s the perfect city to work remotely in. If you prefer a co-working space to work in, check out CREA in the beautiful Dongdaemun Design Plaza, or the city’s We Work or FabLab venues. And when it comes to accommodation, nomads can find a decent budget hotel from around $25 a night. South Korea is also very camping-friendly, and you can pitch up your tent virtually anywhere for free.

And when you’re done working for the day, head over to Myeong-dong for casual dining and some quirky shopping. Or take a trip to Gyeongbokgung, a 600 year-old palace featuring authentic pavilions and beautiful walled grounds.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Easily the most popular destination for digital nomads worldwide, Chiang Mai covers all the bases for remote workers. Accommodation is affordable (around $100-200 a month in some places), and the food is cheap and delicious. There are plenty of cafes offering free wifi, and more and more co-working spaces are cropping up all over the city. There’s also a huge number of nomad meetup groups for when you need a co-working buddy. It’s also a relaxed city, and the locals are always friendly.

Entertainment-wise, take your pick! Whether it’s the bustling nightlife of Nimman Road you want, or the culture offered by the nearby Buddhist temples, there’s always something to do in Chiang Mai.

Berlin, Germany

For a European vibe, get yourself over to vibrant Berlin. Currently enjoying a cultural rejuvenation, Berlin attracts students, musicians, artists, and more colourful characters from all over the world. While not as cheap as Thailand, it’s certainly more affordable than other European cities. There is an abundance of Airbnbs in the city, and while you can get a one-bedroom studio in the center for around $800, there are plenty of hostels available from around $25 a night. With free wifi and German beer on tap (literally), it’s the perfect spot for a digital nomad to pitch up and get working. A notable co-working spot is Kaos, set inside a huge industrial building and costing as little as $125 a month.

Local attractions that any nomad must see include the German government building, the Reichstag, as well as the remnants of the Berlin Wall. For culture vultures, you’ll want to check out the Bauhaus Museum, the iconic art gallery and famous school of architecture, design, and art.

Porto, Portugal

Porto might not be an obvious choice for the digital nomad, but this little gem, tucked away on the Douro river is a lively little town that can provide you with all you need. Accommodation is marginally more expensive at around $50 a night for a hotel, but if you’re happy slumming it in a dorm it can be much more affordable. However, you will save so much money at the locals bars and restaurants with one dollar beer and sangria readily available that it won’t be an issue. Perhaps the biggest co-working space in Portio is Porto i/o, offering both sea and riverside spaces. Or check out Typographia Cowork, set up in a restored downtown house and providing gorgeous views and open spaces.

On your down time, why not visit the Cais da Ribeira, the town’s riverside piazza offering bars, restaurants, and scenic walks. Or you could head over to the Luís I Bridge, a twin-level arched bridge crossing the river Douro. At almost 45 metres high, it’s quite the spectacle!

Medellin, Colombia

Once the world’s most dangerous city and commonly associated with the likes of Pablo Escobar and the ruthless Medellin Cartel, the city has undergone huge changes in recent years. Today it is a co-working hub for creatives and digital nomads from all over the world, with affordable amenities and friendly locals. It also shares Chicago’s timezone, handy if you’re dealing with US clients. Accommodation in Medellin ranges from $10 a night for a shared dorm to $260 a month for a single room in a shared house.

For a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, head to Parque Arvi, a gorgeous park that you can reach by taking a cable car with stunning views of the mountain. Afterwards, why not check out the hip Comuna 13, with cool street art and a vibrant cultural scene.

Budapest, Hungary

Digital nomads from all over the world are flocking to Eastern Europe in their masses to take advantage of their low cost of living and rich culture. Accommodation is affordable (from around $30 a night for small apartments) and the wifi is excellent, making it the ideal destination for the nomad on a budget. Co-working spaces include Kaptar, located in the city center, and there’s always a friendly meetup available to let your hair down.

While you’re there, be sure to check out the incredible Hungarian Parliament Building, a Gothic Revival style masterpiece and one of the biggest in the country. And no trip to Budapest would be complete without a visit to the Gellért Baths, offering a swimming pool, a sauna, and a range of other spa therapies.

Prague, Czech Republic

For another Eastern European delight, why not make Prague your next remote working location? The stunning Gothic architecture of the city is breathtaking, and it shares roughly the same cost of living as Budapest. Dorm rooms are around $10-20 a night, with hotel rooms coming in at around $40 or more. The city has seen a huge rise in the number of co-working spaces recently (check out Locus in the city center for their $95 a month package) and it’s become something of a hub for digital nomads.

When you’re not working hard at one of the city’s many cafes or bars, stretch your legs and visit the Old Town Square? It’s a gorgeous open space where musicians, performers, and artists gather to show off their talents. For a bit of history, head to the old Jewish Quarter to see the centuries old architecture of the synagogues.

Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi is a perfect blend of rich culture and affordability. Your money goes a long way here, with hostels coming in at around $4-7 a night, and apartments on the edge of the city are more affordable than those in the center. with cheap street food available on almost every corner, and the internet speeds are good enough to work with comfortably. English is commonly spoken too, and the locals are renowned for their welcoming nature. Co-working spaces have sprouted up around the city too, such as Up, or Moonwork for those on a budget

After a light noodle lunch, head over to the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long, the former capital of Vietnam. Or if you’re after something a little more out there, visit the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum to see the former Communist leader lying in state.

As a digital nomad, the whole world is your office. You’re as comfortable working in a bar in a busy Asian city as you are working on the beach on some sun-soaked shore. The places listed above can provide everything you need to work remotely, as well as offering a little local culture for your downtime. Make sure they’re on your radar for your next move!