I’m going to assume that you’ve landed on this site because you’re a freelancer, or you’re trying to become one… or maybe you’re just really interested in the complex array of tips, tricks and tools it requires to flourish in the business world without giving up your independence.

Regardless of which of those descriptions is accurate, you’re in the right place. I created Freelancer Tips to help people learn from the victories and failures I encountered on my path to becoming a stable freelancer.

Through this site, I can give you the benefit of my extensive experience, helping you to leap over the pitfalls of this career path and become a fully-fledged member of the freelance community. Sound good?

How I Took The Solo Route

Years ago, I worked a humdrum 9-to-5 job that gave me no satisfaction. I’d simply clock in, do my time, and clock out — often tuning out well before that last part. Eventually, I decided that I needed a change. I needed an opportunity to live and work on my own terms. So I said goodbye to the office, commiserated with those I left behind, and took my first steps as a freelancer.

The early days were seriously challenging. As boring as my old job had been, the work had been steady and predictable. I never had to wonder where the next assignment would come from, and motivation wasn’t a necessity — the fear of being fired and the sterile work environment served to maintain a zombie-like focus on my responsibilities.

When I left that cocoon, I became my own boss, and at first I didn’t have the discipline to make it. I’d let my mind wander, get stressed about when I’d win another brief, and worry ceaselessly about how I could make it in the tough business world without a team around me. I truly started to think that I wasn’t cut out for freelancing.

But then, almost imperceptibly at first, it began to click. I learned how to knuckle down and monitor my time. After a while, I began to enjoy it. I came to understand the incredible sense of accomplishment it gives you when you single-handedly take a project from inception to completion. I’d heard all the adages about how doing what you love doesn’t really feel like work, but I never thought it could actually be true.