Everyone who is seeking a job must know how to write an impressive resume. Writing an impressive resume is very important as it reflects how professional you are. It will be your first impression to the employer.

Now just imagine, how will employers choose from hundreds of applicants? Will they go and investigate them individually? I highly doubt it! They will choose and pick the right applicant based on what’s written on your resume. Here are a few ideas that will help you construct a very solid and professional resume.

Tips on Writing an Impressive Resume

how to write an impressive resume

1. Proofread Your Resume
Avoid grammatical errors and spelling errors. Make sure that it is 100% free from mistakes or typos.

Having a single flaw on your resume will leave a bad impression.  One might think that you don’t pay attention to detail and could possible make mistakes if hired.

Make sure to spell check but don’t just rely on the good ole’ spell checker. You must still proofread your resume to avoid even one mistake. If possible, ask another person to give your resume a thorough reading. 

2. Put Relevant Information
This is an important one to think about and remember.  I wouldn’t suggest putting everything about yourself just to pad your experience level.

Remember it’s not a diary or journal where soul searching and self-deprecation are at the highest.  Just write the information that is necessary.

For example with employment history, I wouldn’t go back for than 7 years.  Unless however, you were apart of some super bad-ass job or project.  Other than that – not necessary.

3. Be Concise
This is similar to #2 when I stated you should put relevant information.  The difference is that being concise touches on the amount of details and not which details to focus on.

Remember you’re not the only applicant and the more concise your words, less fluff – the employer will most likely read more about you and your resume. 

4. Make Your Resume Readable
Choose a font, font color and font size that will make your resume clear and readable. Be consistent throughout and I recommend Arial font with the size 10 to 12.
Aside from the font, refrain from other designs like flowers and borders. 
5. Be Honest
Never ever lie.  But lets be honest, you’re going to lie! Maybe the advice should be refrained to say “Lie at Your Own Risk”.  If it is spotted, you will just like a fool in the interview or get fired quickly because you can’t perform the job.

If you don’t have reasonable relatable experience in a certain subject or field – don’t put it! Just write of what you are capable. It is better to have a one-page resume rather than a two-pager that has a bunch of lies and falsehoods.

Don’t worry about other applicants possibly being more skilled and greater work experience. Everyone starts from zero. With patience, motivation and hard work, you can get there too. 

6. Highlight Your Skills and Achievements
Make sure and highlight the skills and achievements that matter to the employer. For example, if you are applying for a data entry, you can put how accurate and fast you are in typing.

In addition, do not include those achievements that you got back in high school for being best dressed! Or that you won a slogan contest when you were in sixth grade – don’t put it. Put the most recent and relevant only.

7. Make a Professional Email
Avoid using emails like these:


Be sure your email is professional. Using your first name and last name is the best practice.




8. Don't Add Your Photo

how to write an impressive resume

I won’t lie, this is actually a tricky one.  But I still stick my thought that adding your photo is a bad idea – especially if not requested.

Now if requested, then do what you gotta do.  Ironically a vast majority of foreign applications include a photo.  99.9% of the time when applying for a job online, a photo won’t be necessary

9. Don't Use Empty Words or Phrases
Do not use the words that are vague and overused such as:

Hard Worker
Team Player
Results Driven

10. Always Keep Your Resume Updated
If you have new skills or a new job experience, then make sure to add them to your resume. Also, and most importantly if you are applying to different genres of jobs – you must tailor your resume according to the job for which you apply. 

Final Thoughts

There’s a lot that goes into writing a solid resume and it can also be very difficult.  I’ve changed my resume I don’t know how many times a year.  Always updating and making sure I’m keeping up with the latest resume fashion per say.

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I’m sure I left a few things out, but I hope this guide will help you construct an impressive resume so you feel confident to blast it to the masses!

Please don’t hesitate to tell you resume secrets or any other feedback about writing an impressive resume.  Don’t forget to like or share if you found this helpful.