So you’re curious about Wealthy Affiliate (WA) or maybe just Making Money Online and not quite sure what it’s all about?

Maybe you’ve done some research and still can’t decide on it’s legitimacy. Well don’t worry because I was once in your same position and had no idea what to do.

The Wealthy Affiliate scam was all over the internet and trying to understand what WA was about became more and more difficult. So I’ve decided to give a breakdown of WA and my personal experience using the platform.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam … Fiction!

the wealthy affiliate scam

I’m sorry to inform you that WA is NOT a scam. Maybe some of you were hoping because that would make your decision much easier. I compare WA to college in the sense that you always get out what you put in.  I was a terrible college student and never really put forth a study effort until my last year, when I had to graduate!

So is college a scam – if you don’t put in the work you might think or believe it is, but trust me it’s not (Well maybe Trump University). Same as Wealthy Affiliate, there’s a lot and I mean a wealth of information within the platform that if you utilize the material, work hard and stay consistent, you’ll have nothing to worry about.

** Quick Side Note – I’m still currently using the WA platform to date and been a premium member over a year now. I use WA for all my website needs. **

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

the wealthy affiliate scam

I used the word platform earlier and that’s more appropriate than saying ‘website’. Wealthy Affiliate is much much more than a website as there is so much information, many resources, superior technical capabilities and a huge community at your disposal that it can be overwhelming … whew!

Over a year ago I became obsessed with wanting to make money online, but didn’t really know where to start. Prior to my membership with WA, I created a podcast website that eventually became defunct after me and my partner just had enough. I wasn’t getting much traffic and never was able to put ads on the site let alone promote any affiliates.

So thereafter, I took a long break and when I decided to attack the Money Making Online (MMO) endeavor again – this time I wanted to do it right! I wanted to build something from the ground up while understanding what I was building along the way.

This is where good ole’ Wealthy Affiliate came into play. WA was like the Alford to my Batman in that every tool, almost every resource combined with a highly active community was in ONE FRIGGIN’ PLACE  …

Ohhh my Gaaaaah!!

To be as direct as possible – WA is a membership only mecca of information that provides a central location for all your MMO needs. Depending on your membership between Starter (which is free) or Premium, you will have access to step by step courses and video walkthroughs, website creation and hosting, keyword research tools and much much more.

Lets Take a Look Inside … (Starter Membership) 

the wealthy affiliate scam

So maybe you’re still confused or not quite sure what direction you want to go … lets see what you can do as a member. Now, WA has two membership categories – Starter and Premium. We’ll discuss Premium later.

For now we just want to check out the environment, start clicking around … see what’s at our disposal. I want to highlight that being a Starter Member is completely FREE. There’s no catch here … it’s FREE.

I’m not talking about a free trial where you have to give your Credit Card and then watch the calendar to make sure you cancel before the trial ends. Signing up for Starter Membership won’t cost you a single cent. I would suggest anyone to try this out basically because you have nothing to loose! So what do you get as a free member …?

The best thing you get as a Starter Member is access to the Beginner Training Course and Phase 1 of the Affiliate Bootcamp. These are two very important training modules that breaks down everything you need and what you have to do in order to start making money online.

Whether you choose to create your own website or simply want to promote Wealthy Affiliate, you can begin this process with a free membership … WOW!

Speaking of websites, you have the capability to create 2 freebies using the state of the art hosting platform within Wealthy Affiliate. I will warn you that these ‘free’ websites will read: 

Once you become a premium member, you can purchase your own domain and have it registered and hosted by WA. Also within the first 7 days of signing up as a Starter Member, you will get live help and 1 on 1 coaching.

You also have access to a personal blog that only WA members can see. This is good for getting feedback and socializing with the members. There is a lot that can be accomplished simply by signing up, its what makes Wealthy Affiliate a wonderful way to begin your journey.

Premium Membership

Now if you’re ready to unlock all the goodies within the WA platform, similar to unlocking hidden rooms in Zelda – you can become a Premium Member.

Premium Membership is the way to go if you’re truly serious about pursuing online entrepreneurship. I say this because you can centralize all your websites, hosting, training, community access and help all in one place.

Quick Story

When I started my first website back in 2014, I ended up using Bluehost for all my website needs. I’m not here to bash Bluehost, but as a newcomer to the building website and hosting world, it was a bit confusing. There was a huge learning curve trying to understand the features and navigating the Bluehost platform. Furthermore once you start adding security packages and other features to your account – you begin to realize you’re paying just as much as WA without all the training and the immersive community. I have recently transferred all my hosting and domain registration to Wealthy Affiliate.

There is no better platform for beginners than WA. They really simplify everything so you can concentrate on creating awesome and engaging content. And, as everybody knows in the MMO world – CONTENT IS KING!

I’m not saying you can’t succeed using another platform or taking a different path. All I’m proclaiming is the guidance and assistance you have with this platform is undeniable.

If you really want to learn the process from the ground up, then joining the WA community is essential. Once you become a premium member you immediately have access to: 5 level Certification course that takes you step by step on how to build your site, getting traffic, keyword search analysis, and most importantly how to monetize your site.

Not only that, you have access to all 7 phases of training that is specific to being an effective affiliate marketer. Then, once you complete the training, there’s additional classes and live webinars that cover a plethora of topics that will help you along the journey.

The last thing I’ll cover as a Premium Member is the opportunity to have other more experienced members critique your website. There is a very easy to use system within WA that allows you to request not only feedback about your website, but also comments.

This is important because getting feedback will only help and give perspective to how people view your site. The ability to request for comments is super essential when getting your website to the top of google. Small caveat, in order to request comments, you have to give comments in order to gather points. You then use those points to request comments for your own website.

Starter Vs. Premium Features

Here is a breakdown of the specific features you get with each account.  You might be thinking 50 bucks a month is expensive but think of it as an investment in yourself.  You can still do a lot with a Starter account and if you have any doubts, just sign up for free – no harm no foul.

the wealthy affiliate scam

Sign Up for Free (No Credit Card Needed)

Something to Think About

I’ve been ranting and raving about Wealthy Affiliate for good reason, but like anything in life – nothing is 100% perfect. There are some flaws and a few cons about the WA community and platform. The biggest issue is the amount of information.

I compare this to the ocean in that it’s virtually impossible to explore the entire depths of the it. It will be very difficult to explore all the information that exist within the WA platform. There’s basically two main training programs and because WA is community driven, any member can create their own training and share it for the masses.

I don’t discourage this but it can make things a little fuzzy when navigating around. Second, which isn’t really a negative, but don’t expect anything to be done for you.

There is a huge amount of guidance but if you’re looking for things to be created for you, this is the wrong place. A lot of times people get overwhelmed with all the information and end up giving up.

You should know what you’re signing up for, and in order for you to succeed YOU, and ONLY YOU can make that happen. WA provides the blueprint and training – you have to do the rest!

Final Thoughts

After more than a year of being a Premium Member, I’ve come to realize the value of my membership. Wealthy Affiliate did exactly what I wanted from the beginning, and that was to educate. When I first stumbled upon WA and decided to join, it was because I wanted to learn everything I could, step by step, about the Making Money Online process .

Fortunately it did exactly just that! I took the training very seriously and used that guidance to assist me in pursuing my online goals. With all the extra amazing stuff one can do within the platform, the best thing is the knowledge along with the positive social atmosphere.

Everyone who signs up for Wealthy Affiliate has the same mindset and gathering all those minds into one place is hugely beneficial. So if you’re that person who wants to pursue the world of MMO but not sure where to begin. Well look no further and have some ease as you go along the process. It won’t be easy but remember, nobody succeeds alone.

Please feel free to ask any questions about this post or anything relating to freelancing and don’t forget to share this info with anyone else who might be thinking about creating income online.