If you plan to start a business and would like to be location independent, here are top 10 small businesses to start from anywhere. Technology makes it possible to start a business nowadays that doesn’t require much investment capital and can be run from anywhere.

Being comfortable with technology is very important for entrepreneurs today, since a lot of work can be done remotely, online, by using: file sharing, conferencing, video sharing, and emailing. A variety of industries allow starting a small business that can be run from anywhere. Many entrepreneurs have proved successful with them.

They also require various learning curves in acquiring the skills necessary to achieve success. For instance, web development can be more difficult to learn, while it’s easy to learn the basics and start with SEO.

Once you have started your small business, with some ideas you have the potential to make big money fast, while with others you need to invest more time before getting major returns.

For your inspiration, here is a list with 10 ideas of small businesses that are proved to work:

1. Web Design

top 10 small businesses to start

You just need WiFi and a laptop in order to be a web designer. However, in terms of personal skills you need attention to details and creativity. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t know coding.

If you already have an eye for design and art, creativity is more important than coding. You can acquire your SEO knowledge and programming skills through self-study, classes, or mentorship. Having your small web design company is a business that can work from anywhere.

Any successful company needs to have a well-put together website, so you are likely to not run low on clients. One of the most important advantages of a web design company is its low startup costs. If you focus on quality work, good customer service and unique designs, you can differentiate yourself from your competition!

2. Blogger

top 10 small businesses to start

Blogging can bring you good income from monetizing your site by running ads. This might not be as easy as you think, since it could take quite long time until you grow your audience.

However, a well written blog that provides useful and original content is a great reputation builder and lead generator. This is also among the easiest things you can get started.

3. SEO Writing

top 10 small businesses to start

SEO writing can be easy to start even for people who never started a business before or haven’t done much work online. It can help you build confidence and income quickly. Also there isn’t much technical knowledge and it can easy to find work.

Many people start an online business this way, so this may be something you also can consider. The most important skill you need to start a SEO writing business is copywriting. You will never struggle to make an income if you are persuasive with your words. There is a great demand for people who know how to write.

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4. Editorial Services

top 10 small businesses to start

If you are good at discovering typos in emails or misspellings in a newsletter, then you may have good editorial skills.

If you love to read and write and mastering grammar well, then it might be a good option to start an online editorial services business.  There are more ways to start this business.

You can edit content yourself or you can create software that auto edits the content. Your fees depend on the difficulty in editing and the amount of material. Establishing long relationships with your clients is also important for copy-editing and proofreading services.

5. SEO Specialist

top 10 small businesses to start

The SEO landscape is undergoing continuous changes, therefore the demand for SEO services will never goes away. If you invest some time into learning SEO, you can make a lot of money in this industry.

There is a difference between SEO Writing and SEO Specialist.  A SEO Writer only creates content that is optimized for SEO.  In contrary to a Specialist which is someone that can provide SEO optimization throughout your entire website plus the backend  configuration.

6. Online Accountant

top 10 small businesses to start

If you are good with numbers but do not enjoy spending long hours at meetings or in an office, you can open a small online accounting consulting business. All you need is your accounting certification, a laptop and a phone.

Entrepreneurs don’t need to take care of mundane tasks any longer as well as in-person meetings which can be replaced by web conferencing. Tech-friendly entrepreneurs can provide convenient and fast communication. An online bookkeeping company could achieve its success through good communication and outstanding customer service.

7. Technical Support

top 10 small businesses to start

Technical support companies are always in demand because not everyone is tech savvy. This is a great way to make money online, or also in a traditional brick and mortar environment.

However, if you do not choose to provide online remote tech support, then you may need to spend some time in the field, at your clients’ locations. You may help troubleshoot issues at homes or on location, but you can still run your small business from anywhere.

Doing on-site IT support is a business that can grow due to your customer referrals. In this field, customer service and good communication are two essential aspects.

8. Matchmaking Service

top 10 small businesses to start

A matchmaking service shouldn’t necessarily be a dating service such as eHarmony or Tinder. Any form of technology that matches individuals or businesses with the services they need is a matchmaking service.

You can run this business online, from anywhere. For instance, you can run a successful matchmaking business that matches companies to experts for job offers, phone consults or various projects.

Experts will reply with a bid for the job and a summary of their qualifications after said company will submit a project. This makes it easy for companies to find an expert for their project without having to go to many places. The interactions with customers are through email, web chat or phone, and the business can be entirely run online.

9. Podcasting

top 10 small businesses to start

In the last couple of years, there was a great increase in the number of people doing podcasts. You can make a lot of money from this if you know how to structure it right.

Podcasting could be a great lead source and a good alternative to a blog. Podcasts are becoming trendy and if you are good with marketing and audio, this could be a fast way of starting a small business without much investment money.

10. Web Development

top 10 small businesses to start

Web development is among the most in demand service online. It generally pays well and you will never be out of clients. However, it might take a long time in becoming proficient with coding and web development.

But if you already have the skills or you are ready to invest time in educating your self online, this is a small business idea with high chances of success. You can work from anywhere and in terms of investment, all you need is a good laptop and WiFi connection.


There are many opportunities these days for building a small business that can be run from anywhere. If you are tired of commuting to work and the 9 to 5 grind, then being location independent and your own boss can come with great rewards.

To get a small business idea off the ground takes often only the ability to stay focused long enough and a bit of creativity. As a starting point, you can get inspired from the ideas listed above. Of course, there are many others good small business ideas, such as theme deign, e-commerce, app development and many more.

Please feel free to comment about any other ideas you may have or if there are questions about the ones presented here.